Till death do us part . . .

I have to admit I am still in a bit of shock, one of my best friends just got married and it seemed like only yesterday we were running around in high school with our bright colored hair and hanging out in the corners of the hallways. It really is true what they say about love at first sight, at least I believe so. Ryan and Kelly were destined to spend the rest of there lives together from the moment they were put at the same place at the same time about 2 years ago.

Myself and a few of our photographer friends spent the weekend in Cape Breton to celebrate and shoot the Walker wedding. The weather opened up a perfect over cast day and everything went smoothly, even if I did end up doing the brides make-up and dressing her :)

Kelly is like a sister to me so I was more then honored when they accepted my offer to shoot the wedding and I loved being able to be a helping hand in the days activities too.

Here are a few sample images from what is to come from there special day Enjoy!


Jim Martell said...

I am glad Kelly chose you to be there. I have admired your pictures of her for a long time ( even though I may be a bit biased on the subject) I look forward to seeing the rest of the pictures which I'm sure will be fantastic. Thank You

Mark Anthony Ramsay said...

amazing as always erin. i love your use of dof.