Pony Love

Someday I will have one as rusty and fast and amazing as this. Warren built and painted this model for me. Little bit of history on the thing. . .

My favorite car is a 1969 Shelby GT500 Mustang and it has to be GREEN. I also have a huge appreciation for beat up rusty muscle cars. So in saying all that you can imagine how impressed and surprised I was when he gave this to me.

Enjoy :D


8 Months and counting

My good friend Erin Wilson came down for a visit this weekend and we had the opportunity to get into the studio and do some maternity photos. Being my former hired stylist for shoots and a professional makeup artist we saw it only fit to do something a little different for a few of the shots. Enjoy :D


Fashion fashion fashion

May 11th 2009

Last week when a great model and good friend of mine asked me to shoot some entry portfolio pieces for her for applying to NASCAD I couldn't say no. Ann came to me on the perfect overcast day with 3 articles of clothing she sewed and we had a blast. In the images that follow Ann Ramsey is the model and designer. Two pieces were designed from patterns and the last one [the purple dress] is her first from scratch designed piece she has ever made.