March 09

I've been spending some time away from client photography and trying to remember what I love so much about shooting. I worked at it so much that it went from a passion to a job, and it was starting to loose its spark. Spending some time with old friends and bringing my camera to just shoot for fun has really started to make me feel alive again.

This is my stunning friend Katelyn Boudreau outside her house and sitting on my lovely MK4 VW Jetta >.<

We shot at sundown and the lighting was just beautiful the whole time. These were all shot with natural light.



Scales and Sun

A few new pictures of two of my critters, Enjoy

This is Rye

She is a 4 year old female Bearded Dragon, she is my little diva. Full of emotion and energy.

She enjoys basking in the sun, eating insects greens and berries and trying to lick anything that exists.

This is Shade

She is a 1 and a half year old Columbian Tegu

Columbian Tegu's have the reputation of being very agressive hard to tame reptiles. They are direct relitives to the Komodo Dragon. She will grow to be about the size of a small crocodile [4-6 feet long]

Shade is as tame as can be from constant care and attention from when she was just a hatching.

She is a meat eater, and a picky one at that


DOF morning

It was a DOF loving colorful morning . . .


Dusty . . .

Again without a camera I am going a little crazy so I am taking time to dig through all my old work. A lot of it I can look back and have a good laugh at and some I see great progress from. Here are a few not great images, but they still are some of my favorites from years ago. . Enjoy

Until next time . . .
From an old NSCC - ACAP assignment i believe ^

When i had no studio to work out of I used a sheet and a flood light ^

Or resorted to NATURAL light which us still my favorite to this day ^