I am really starting to realize how pore online community sites are done. The restrictions they put on things like posting images, and copyright infringements are just enough to make anyone turn away from a computer. Facebook is probably currently the worst for this issue. I've heard that sites like Flickr are coming in a close second. I used to be a part of many online art communities and now I am being very careful where i post my images and always ensuring they have my watermark on them to stop anyone from taking them without permission.

I am trying to decide just how I want to redesign my site to cater to all the different types of clients I am trying to draw in. It gets to be a tad confusing after a while.

Here are a few images from the Charity Fashion Show I shot at Pier 21 a few nights ago.

I am hoping to arrange some more creative shoots to add some new work to my portfolio soon. I just need to track down the right models. Off to searching I go!



New to the BLOG world

Well I finally gave in to the whole Blog thing. Was starting to feel like i was missing out on something.

As my first Entry I way as well do some self plugging

Here is my photography site. Currently UNDER a bit of construction. Going to be a bit of a face lift for the better hopfully. . .

www.erindibbin.com - feedback is always encouraged :)