Mommy to be - Renee Claudia Roy


Its seems like all my friends are having babies these days. Being surrounded with so many baby belly's my camera doesn't get much rest. This is one of my best friends Renee. She has been a long time model of mine and has sooo much versatility. We didn't want to just do traditional maternity pictures so we took her love for the outdoors and my love for natural light and this is what we got!

Hope you enjoy

Baby Boy

Lestat Glenn Joseph Downey 2weeks old- Born March 22, 2011
This little man is going to be a heart breaker! He was one of the most pleasent new borns I have ever shot. Infact I could proudly say the best. So well behaved. Didnt cry. Almost no mess.. because we all know there are many surprises that comes with new born photography. 

Enjoy this cute lil man, hopefully I will get to photograph him again