Till death do us part . . .

I have to admit I am still in a bit of shock, one of my best friends just got married and it seemed like only yesterday we were running around in high school with our bright colored hair and hanging out in the corners of the hallways. It really is true what they say about love at first sight, at least I believe so. Ryan and Kelly were destined to spend the rest of there lives together from the moment they were put at the same place at the same time about 2 years ago.

Myself and a few of our photographer friends spent the weekend in Cape Breton to celebrate and shoot the Walker wedding. The weather opened up a perfect over cast day and everything went smoothly, even if I did end up doing the brides make-up and dressing her :)

Kelly is like a sister to me so I was more then honored when they accepted my offer to shoot the wedding and I loved being able to be a helping hand in the days activities too.

Here are a few sample images from what is to come from there special day Enjoy!


Brittany in the grass with flowers

My good friend Brittany hired me to take some fresh images of her. The concept was "abstract and full of her energy" I think we captured it quite well.


Myles Mannequin

As a photographer there is nothing better then having willing models. Myles was feeling under the weather and was having a chat with me online when I suggested a spur of the moment shoot. He was down and came right over. Little did he know I was going to throw him half dressed into my shower. He was totally game and we had a great time playing in the water.

Here are a few shots from the day



Soon to be married. . .

Recently I was contacted by a great couple Giselle and Rob who are getting married in Sept. We shot there engagement shoot at Point Pleasant Park a few days ago. This location meant a lot of Giselle especially because she grew up with the park being in her back yard and spent a lot of time there as a child.

This couple is just full of light and energy, and I look forward to shooting the wedding in a few weeks.

Here is a sneak peak into there engagement shoot images.


Renee in the sheets

Something a little different from me. . . Had a friend over for some natural light pictures and I think they turned out pretty well. Have a look. Renee is always a pleasure to shoot, and shes always giving her best in each shot.


Before she climbed into by bed by the window we did a few dark portraits that I always love capturing with her.


Rye has a Boyfriend!

I have had my beautiful little bearded dragon Rye for years, and this past few months she had been showing signs of being lonely and seeking a companion. My good friend Rebecca had a male who she was parting with so now they are living together and are happy as can be. When I can get the two of them to sit together and not run around I'll get a few couple shots up here. Until then here's a few pics of the studdly little guy.



Welcome Kii

Warren and I just adopted a new snake into my family of reptiles. She is a 6 year old ball python and is approx. 4 - 4 1/2 feet long. He named her "Kii" after the Goddess of Earth in Sumerian Mythology. She is settling in slowly and was in a good enough mood today to let me take her out and get a few pictures.



Little Miss Brooklyn

Shawna and Jay came by today and brought their beautiful little girl Brooklyn over for some summer snap shots. After putting on her pretty pink TUTU and grabbing a couple snaps inside, we headed out to the yard. Brooke ran around plucking flowers, weeds and sticks off the ground while having a great time with a great big smile on her face.

Here are a few shots from the shoot


This is Brooke's "Oooo" face when something in my apartment caught her eye!

Little Mr Matviy

Yesterday I got to see an old friend I hadn't spent time with since high school. She has a little 13 month old boy that is just full of joy and smiles. Here are a few shots I captured during there visit