Canon? Yes thats right

If you have not heard about this new camera go check out the links I provided. God knows it will be my next purchase.

High Def. Video filming capability example

The Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Go ahead . . . drool a little


Penny for your thoughts . . .

I spent some much long over due time sitting down and reading articles and watching videos on animal crulty and animal testing. I am realizing more and more how much this subject is ignored. To be 21 and never really making a life decision about such a thing can be quite a big jump. Luckly for me I dont own much along the lines of animal furs/leather other then a belt adn a few pair of shoes and the odd second hand leather jacket.

As a female I wonder sometimes what I am putting on my face in terms of make up. One the most popular and most well known brand of "professional" make up out there among teens and young adults is MAC.

If you are among one of the millions of commited MAC users here is an interesting article for you, I think it will surprise you a bit


Also took some time to read this one, mothers and young adults. . . before handing your 10 year old her first lip stick and blush have a read . . .


I think the way our world is going now even though everyone is so strongly opinionated or into there own "grove" already i feel its all your own choice. My choice is starting to change a few thing, shopping at smaller venders, supporting the little guys out there as well as buying animal friendly products. Hemp, cotton, Silk.

Well thats my mind for tonight

ANYONE who lives in th Halifax area should come check out the Halifax Reptile Expo THIS SUNDAY

http://www.thechronicleherald.ca/Search/1080756.html -info here!

Take care all