C h r i s t m a s 0 8

Well I am soon signing off of everything for a week or 2. I have some time off and I am going to embrace it for all it is worth. Camera is going in to be serviced and I am going to do some serous file backing up. I have a new external hardrive so now I am set.

Here are a few photo's from the last 2 months of Christmas portriats.

Enjoy the holidays everyone, be smart and be safe!

E r i n N i c o l e


Fall portraits 6

My friend Kelly and her beautiful little daughter Breonna came out to take some mommy and baby pictures the other day. With the help of Kelly's sister Shawna we were able to get a few precious faces out of little Bre. Kelly also took solo for a few frames in the session. Here are some pictures of what came of our afternoon at the park.

Also I ran into an old high school friend Alcisha who is c
urrently about 8 months pregnant. After we spent some time catching up on tiime lost we got her dressed up and ventured out into the fall leaves for a few maternity pictures.


Fall Portraits 5

Beautiful sisters Cassey and Mia came out to play in some leaves with me the other day.

With the help of their Dad Steve [official leave raker/and thrower] and their Mom Kim [funny face maker extraordinaire] we ended up with a few really great shots. The girls were a touch under the weather so we plan to re shoot on a better day. Here are two portraits of the gorgeous girls and a few funny shots from the shoot.


[click images to view larger]

And a few funny out takes . . .


Fall Portraits 4

Kaitlyn Albright, a very talented Apprentice tattoo artist at Outcast Ink, came out this afternoon to do a few test shots with me for a snake shoot that is going to be coming up in the next few months. First time in front of the camera, I think she is a natural.


[Click images to view larger]


Fall Portraits 3

Miss Marietta Lann called me with the idea of shooting her in the freezing cold fall weather in her old prom dress. I of course took her up on her offer. Here are a few images from the shoot. More shoots to come next week.


[click on images for larger view]


Fall Portraits 2

Miss Ann Ramsey came by yesterday to do some nice natural fall portraits. I have been trying to shoot local models in their own style in the fall colors. Here are a few images from the shoot. More shoots to come next week.


[click on images for larger view]


Fall Portraits

I'm trying to get back into my favorite style of photography. Black and White with Natural light. Anyone that feels like getting a few nice shots of themselves out side feel free to contact me.

Shoots only take about an hour plus hair/make up prep that I do myself.

Here is the first of many new black and white shots all natural nothing but the sun and a camera :)




So one of our little rats was knocked up and created some food for our lovely Reptiles. Please no hate mail, our pets gotta eat.

Here are some pics of the cute little ones we kept



Canon? Yes thats right

If you have not heard about this new camera go check out the links I provided. God knows it will be my next purchase.

High Def. Video filming capability example

The Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Go ahead . . . drool a little


Penny for your thoughts . . .

I spent some much long over due time sitting down and reading articles and watching videos on animal crulty and animal testing. I am realizing more and more how much this subject is ignored. To be 21 and never really making a life decision about such a thing can be quite a big jump. Luckly for me I dont own much along the lines of animal furs/leather other then a belt adn a few pair of shoes and the odd second hand leather jacket.

As a female I wonder sometimes what I am putting on my face in terms of make up. One the most popular and most well known brand of "professional" make up out there among teens and young adults is MAC.

If you are among one of the millions of commited MAC users here is an interesting article for you, I think it will surprise you a bit


Also took some time to read this one, mothers and young adults. . . before handing your 10 year old her first lip stick and blush have a read . . .


I think the way our world is going now even though everyone is so strongly opinionated or into there own "grove" already i feel its all your own choice. My choice is starting to change a few thing, shopping at smaller venders, supporting the little guys out there as well as buying animal friendly products. Hemp, cotton, Silk.

Well thats my mind for tonight

ANYONE who lives in th Halifax area should come check out the Halifax Reptile Expo THIS SUNDAY

http://www.thechronicleherald.ca/Search/1080756.html -info here!

Take care all



Summer Is Coming To An End . . .

Summer is too quickly coming to an end but I have had the opportunity to shoot some real talent this summer.

First face I will introduce you to is Sasha Smith 22 year old bomb shell from Hailfax NS

Here are a few shots of her and my work together

The second face is one of the young spunky new model Myles Sexton, he is 17 and was just signed onto STRUT modeling agency, Here are some images of our first shoot and his first photo shoot ever

Go here to see backstage footage of Myles first shoot




Well I gotta say summer has been flying by, and NS weather has not been on our side. We've officially seen more rain then shine this summer. I have been lucky enough to get out in the rays and shoot a few friends and models I know. Here is a p e a k of what I've been up to.

More at my Flickr page - http://flickr.com/photos/erinnicolephotographic/

Till next time


Model - Kelly Martell
MUA/Hair/Photo - ErinNicole

Model - Karen Murdock
MUA/Hair/Photo - ErinNicole

Model - Shannon Quinn
MUA/Hair/Photo - ErinNicole

Model - Erin White
MUA - Lina H
Photo - ErinNicole



I am really starting to realize how pore online community sites are done. The restrictions they put on things like posting images, and copyright infringements are just enough to make anyone turn away from a computer. Facebook is probably currently the worst for this issue. I've heard that sites like Flickr are coming in a close second. I used to be a part of many online art communities and now I am being very careful where i post my images and always ensuring they have my watermark on them to stop anyone from taking them without permission.

I am trying to decide just how I want to redesign my site to cater to all the different types of clients I am trying to draw in. It gets to be a tad confusing after a while.

Here are a few images from the Charity Fashion Show I shot at Pier 21 a few nights ago.

I am hoping to arrange some more creative shoots to add some new work to my portfolio soon. I just need to track down the right models. Off to searching I go!



New to the BLOG world

Well I finally gave in to the whole Blog thing. Was starting to feel like i was missing out on something.

As my first Entry I way as well do some self plugging

Here is my photography site. Currently UNDER a bit of construction. Going to be a bit of a face lift for the better hopfully. . .

www.erindibbin.com - feedback is always encouraged :)