Adventure #2

Warren and I decided to get away from everything for a few days. We road tripped over to NB Sat morning for a VW AUDI car gathering in Moncton. The original plan was to be up bright an early at 6am . . . and well we both slept in as you can see from my travel pics it certainly wasn't 6 when we finally got on the road. As per usual good ol' NS weather stayed with us for almost half the drive [rain and more rain] until we hit NB and the sun started to crack through the clouds. We enjoyed the afternoon checking out cars and basking in the sun. After we had enough of the show we went back to our hotel to enjoying swimming and relaxing for the rest of the day.

Here are pictures from the trip up and the first show we saw on Sat.

Pics from the sunny day at the VW/AUDI gathering in NB

I have a thing for reflections :P

Sunday morning we did actually get up at 6 and get a move on. Went down for our complimentary breakfast where Warren ate EVERYTHING they had to offer , apparently he enjoys free stuff. After we hopped into the Ranger and were off to Truro for there Annual SHOW AND SHINE in the Truro race way. Again of course it was raining. This time the whole drive there. The rain cleared up when we arrived at 9am for the show to just open and the clouds and wind stuck around for a good couple hours.

When we first arrived n the race way there was a decent turn out of vehicles but it was certainly not full. We walked around and drooled over antiques and laughed at a few imports that just didn't belong for about 2 1/2 hours and had our fill. By the time we left the race was was almost full with cars still piling into the field. I took a few pans of the field and stitched 13 pics together to give you an idea of how full it was at 11:30, with cars still piling into the race way when we left [the show was running all day until 4]



It was really hard to narrow all these down as there were SO many things to shoot that day. I'm working on a few special ones that I will post soon,editing a few special ones a little different then the rest. Check back for more shots.

Here are some snaps of Warrens 3 fav cars from the show :P

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Christine Newhook said...

Wow!! That's a lot of cars :) Pretty cars too! lol.